a story like mine...

*a story like mine...* is an on going project that highlights the stories of survivors of sexual harassment and assault. Over 433, 648 people are sexually harassed or assaulted per year in the United States, which means, 36, 138 people are sexually harassed or assaulted per month in the United States. The number of survivors is represented through double sided, two-color risograph printed cards. Each card represents a story, a person. On the front of the card is a sentence from a survivor’s story received via an anonymous online form I created. On the back of the cards is a statement about the project and a QR code to a website where survivor’s stories are housed and continually collected. 


The goal of this project is to highlight not only the survivor’s stories, by giving them a safe space to express their stories, but also to expose the epidemic that is sexual harassment and assault in the United States.